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About Our Building and Design Company in Bend, OR

Alaska House constructed by our building and design company in Bend, OR.

Lamitay Building and Design is a professional building and design company in Bend, OR. We’re owned and operated by David Stowe, a native of Central Oregon whose family has been in the area over 200 years. David learned carpentry from his grandfather who was himself a 4th generation builder. David learned how to build from watching and working with his grandfather and his Dad and uncles who were also in the building business. David worked for respected contractors in the area before starting his own company building custom homes in Alaska in 1981. David moved to Southern California in 1988 where he continued to design and build houses and other projects before starting a public relations agency in San Diego which he built into one of the leading high-tech firms in Southern California. David designed a few houses and custom outbuildings for friends and family while running the PR firm, but his heart was always in the mountains of his youth in Central Oregon. David moved back to Bend in 2009 to raise his daughter near the mountains and formed Lamitay Building and Design in 2017, which became a leading building and design company in the area. Lamitay means Mountain in Chinuk WaWa; the old trade language of the Pacific Northwest spoke from Southern Alaska to Northern California, and by David’s tribe, the Clatsop-Nehalem of the Oregons North Coast.